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‘TALOS’ Suit With Liquid Armor – The Army Is Building Iron-Man-Like Body Suit

The Iron Man cometh: US Army commissions ‘TALOS’ suit with liquid armor October 10, 2013 – Source: RT As if inspired by Marvel Comics itself, the Special Operations Command (SOCOM) has commissioned a Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit, or TALOS for short, which will likely contain liquid armor, a substance that is being developed at the Massachusetts

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Shock Video: Woman Thrown Into A Bench By Cop, She Needed Facial Reconstructive Surgery After Attack

SKOKIE, IL — Disturbing video evidence has been released of an incident that left a woman’s face so badly injured that she needed facial reconstructive surgery. The woman is filing an excessive force lawsuit against Skokie police after being thrown face-first into a bench inside a jail cell, followed by alleged false statements to justify

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The Trucker Shutdown Of Washington DC Is Now Unstoppable – Americans Reaching The Tipping Point

Join us for the Ride For The Constitution Radio Show at 6pm PST / 9pm EST Daily Also tune in to The Pete Santilli Show all week for updates and extensive coverage of the event. PressRelease_Let It Begin in Gilberton_100613 Short Link To This Story: http://maxonemedia.com/media/?p=6939