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Monster Truck Loses Control After A Stunt & Runs Over Crowd In Mexico, Several Dead, Injured

At least 7 people were killed and 46 injured after a monster truck ran over spectators during the “Extremo Aeroshow” in Chihuahua, Mexico, CNN cites the Mexican state news agency Notimex as saying. The city’s mayor, Marco Quezada Martinez, told the agency that an investigation had been ordered to look into the incident. Tags:  monster truck, Chihuahua,

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The Liar-In-Chief Obama Is Dumb Or Lies About The Implications of Raising the Debt Ceiling

Obama Lies About the Implications of Raising the Debt Ceiling. The Peter Schiff Show (10/4/2013) Listen Live Weekdays 10am to noon ET onhttp://www.SchiffRadio.com Tags: Obama’s Lies, Obama’s Scandals, Peter Schiff, Debt Ceiling