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Hooded Men & Occult Circles Appear Globally, What Is Behind This?

Who are these mysterious hooded men that have been showing up at soccer games in Europe wearing occult-style symbolic robes? The answer could also serve to inform us about what’s behind the secretive ‘Google Barges’ being built on the east and west coast of America. Tags: Hooded Men, Occult Circles, Offbeat, Samsung

GOP Rep. Asks Sebelius, If A 32 Year Old Man Ever Gave Birth To A Baby – ObamaCRASH Scandal

GOP Rep. Asks Sebelius Why Single Men Need Maternity Coverage. Tags: Obama Impeachment, Criminal Fraud, Socialist Health Takeover, ObamaTAX, Obamacare,

Strange GQ Cover With Rihanna Posing As Medusa – Is This Pro Satanic & Illuminati?

Rihanna poses as Medusa on the cover of GQ magazine and the singer posted something about the Illuminati on her Instagram when sharing the strange cover with her fans. Short Link To This Story: http://maxonemedia.com/media/?p=7090 Tags: Offbeat, Mark Dice, GQ Magazine, Cover, Rihanna, Satanic, Illuminati, Crazy Times

Walmart Security Goes Big Brother On Customer Says He Has Power To Block Him From Jobs & Buying

Walmart Goes Big Brother, Threatens To Put Man In No Buying Or Selling Database. Short Link To This Story: http://maxonemedia.com/media/?p=7087 Tags: Walmart, Big Brother, The grid

Doctor That Happens To Be Obama’s Cousin Says BO Is Destroying America

Well, this is awkward. Barack Obama’s second cousin once removed, Dr. Milton Wolf (Republican), appeared on Fox News’ The Real Story with Gretchen Carlson Monday afternoon to speak out against the Affordable Care Act and take some personal shots at his estranged family member. “They say you cannot choose your own family,” Wolf said. “But

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NWO Police State: Police Brutality A Common Occurrence Across America

Violent and disproportionate attacks on American citizens by police forces across the United States have become a daily occurrence, the details of which are delivered via computer or cell phone to millions from police cruiser “dashcams,” closed-circuit television (CCTV) and civilian video cameras. The sometimes unprovoked attacks are now so prolific that several websites have

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Caught On Video: Texas Police Assault, Harass & Arrest Legal Gun Owners At A Rally

Black powder carriers were arrested at the Texas capitol as tourist looked on. Open Carry Texas president CJ Grisham and others, including an Infowars reporter were manhandled by DPS. Call Texas DPS (512) 424-2000 Tags: Police State, Texas, Open Carry Texas, news, Big Brother

Sen. Ted Cruz Takes On Obama For His Attack On Our Constitutional Rights

Sen. Ted Cruz On Obama’s SpyGate, Please Leave Cell Phones On I Want Obama To Hear Everything We Say. Video: Sen. Ted Cruz at the Iowa GOP Ronald Reagan Dinner. Tags: Sen. Ted Cruz, Iowa, GOP, Ronald Reagan Dinner, Constitution, news, Election 2016, NSA, SpyGate

Hollywood Conditioning Youth To Produce A Satanic Zombie Sub-Class – #MentallyEnslaved #HollywoodCult

Alex Jones is joined via Skype by Activist and video satirist Mark Dice to discuss the mind-blowing videos he produces having people sign petitions to strengthen the Authoritarian police state…”For Obama”. The slow and steady process of the Government degrading the moral fabric of the youth in America through the use of media and technology.

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Rally Against Mass Surveillance Will Take Place In DC – 10.16.2013 #StopWatchingUS

Alex Jones is joined by Ben Doernberg the head of Rally.stopwatching.us to discuss their new video fighting back against the Federal Government and NSA spying on private citizens. https://optin.stopwatching.us/ The NSA is spying on everyone’s personal communications. It’s operating without any meaningful oversight. On October 26th, the 12th anniversary of the signing of the USA

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Wild Video: A Psychotic Clown and Death Nurses Want To Know If You Got Your Flu Shot

Wild Video: A Psychotic Clown and Death Nurses Want To Know If You Got Your Flu Shot. Prozac the Clown, Nurse Death and Nurse Miss Information rampage downtown Austin in an effort to wake people up on the dangers of flu shots. Every year the main stream media and big pharma run millions of dollars

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Soldiers Warning: Democracy Shutting Down In America, Coming Gun Grab, Martial Law & FEMA Camps

Alex Jones Highlights three instances and numerous articles in the last year and half where soldiers have contacted The Alex Jones Show to warn of Army litmus tests to fire on American Citizens, National Guardsman who confiscated guns from people protecting their property and family. Video 2: Callers Sound Off on FEMA Camps for All

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Funny Stuff: Jay Leno Calls Obamacare ‘ObamaCRASH’

Jay Leno Gives Us The Latest On ObamaCRASH I Mean Obamacare. The video below is the full show from NBC that aired October 23, 2013 Tags: Jay Leno, ObamaCRASH, Obamacare, ObamaTax, Obama Failures, Obama’s Scandals, Health, The Tonight Show

November 1, 2013 Is All Hell Breaks Loose Day? DHS Has Spent $80 Million Preparing For Coming Food Riots

Dept Homeland Security Preparing For Riots On Nov 1 2013. Tags: DHS, EBT, Food Stamps, Food Riots, Big Brother

Pepsi, Nestle, Coca Cola & Others Want You To Eat GMO Foods So They Can Make More Money?

Pepsi, Nestle, Coca Cola Revealed as Big Money Behind GMO Labeling Fight In Washington state battle, pro-GMO lobbyists forced to expose illegally hidden donors – Jacob Chamberlain, staff writer (Cornucopia Institute)Following ongoing legal pressure from campaign groups and the Washington State Attorney General’s office, pro-GMO trade group the Grocery Manufacturers Association released a list of high rolling

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Scary Halloween Reaper Prank Caught On Video

Epic Halloween Prank by Tom Mabe Tags: Halloween Prank, Tom Mabe, The Reaper, Halloween, Offbeat

Are The Sea Serpent Looking Oarfish Warning Us Of Coming Earthquakes?

Sea Creatures Warning Us? “Japanese Legend Has It That Oarfish Beach Themselves To Warn Of Impending Earthquakes!” Tags: Sea Serpents, Oarfish, news, earthquakes

Alarming Obama Scandal – Consumer Reports Says Stay Away From Obamacare Website

Obamacare website needs over 5 million lines of coding fixed and Consumer Reports has come out and said “Stay away from healthcare.gov” Tags: ObamaTax, Obamacare, ObamaMess, Obama’s Scandals, news, Socialist Health Takeover

Did The House Stenographer’s Rant About Freemasons Indicate That She Was A Victim Of Mind Control?

Does bizarre footage from the moments preceding her ‘Freemason’ rant on the House floor suggest Dianne Reidy was a victim of mind control? A man with white hair appears to give Reidy a nod, causing her demeanor to immediately shift as she enters a trance-like state before walking towards the podium to deliver her rant.

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Clueless Californians Sign Petition to Support “Nazi-Style Orwellian Police State”

Americans Sign Petition to Support “Nazi-Style Orwellian Police State” To keep everybody safe Paul Joseph Watson Infowars.com October 21, 2013 After illustrating their enthusiasm for repealing the Bill of Rights, a video shows Americans happily signing a petition to support a “Nazi-style Orwellian police state,” in what easily represents the most shocking footage of its

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Obama Picks A Campaign Donor To Be New DHS Sec, He Is Also Known for Assassination of Americans by Drones

Video: Newly appointed Homeland Security Minister Jeh Johnson pledges his loyalty and allegiance to Barack Obama not the Constitution or the American people. New DHS Sec Johnson Signifies Push For a Civilian Army October 19, 2013 By Susanne Posel Occupy Corporatism Scandal ridden Obama has named a top campaign donor Jeh Charles Johnson as the new

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Reclaim America: Alex Jones Passionate Speech – At The Alamo October 19, 2013

Reclaim America: Alex Jones Passionate Speech – At The Alamo October 19, 2013 Video: Making History: Alamo March Tags: The Alamo, October 19 2013, Alex Jones, Reclaim America, Big Brother

Lyndon LaRouche Warning! Obama’s Policies Are Mass Murdering Americans, Impeach Him Now

Alex Jones is joined via Skype by Lyndon LaRouche to discuss the realities behind the issues facing America today and how a slow and steady process has brought this reality to bear. http://larouchepac.com/ Tags: Lyndon LaRouche, Barack Obama, Mass Murder, Hitler, Obama’s Scandals

Coming Food Stamp Meltdown – Americans will be caught in the middle between rioters and the police state

EBT Epidemic – Americans will be caught in the middle between rioters and the police state. Tags: Food Stamps, EBT, Police State, Globalist Agenda, Big Brother

Bankster Money Grab? Chase Bank And Other Banks Think Your Money Is Their Money?

Source: SOMICOM – Why is Chase Bank banning wire transfers and limiting cash withdrawals for business customers? Is the bank preparing for some kind of financial crisis or Cyprus-style account gouging? (Select HD and full screen to read letters). FULL STORY: http://www.infowars.com/chase-bank-li… Chase Bank confirmed to Infowars that all business account holders were being subjected to

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EBT Shutdown Showed Alarming Signs – Survivalist Explains How to Prepare Against Social Collapse

Alex Jones welcomes Survival expert John Wesley Rawles to discuss the frightening possibilities of the backlash from the public if EBT cards continue to fail. Food Insurance Gourmet Emergency Meals at the BEST Price – WiseFoodStorage.com eFoodsdirect.com-Long term storable food! http://www.survivalblog.com/ More Breaking News: SOMICOM More From Alex Jones Tags: Survivalist, Social Collapse, Collapse, Preppers,

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Media Watch: MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Lies & Edits Video to Frame Veterans That Served Our Nation

MSNBC Edits Video to Frame Veterans … However, in Rachel Maddow’s segment covering the protest, only two-thirds of the video was shown. Tags: MSNBC, Propaganda, Talking Head, Rachel Maddow, Frame, Veterans, #1MVetMarch, WWII Memorial,