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Soldiers Warning: Democracy Shutting Down In America, Coming Gun Grab, Martial Law & FEMA Camps

Alex Jones Highlights three instances and numerous articles in the last year and half where soldiers have contacted The Alex Jones Show to warn of Army litmus tests to fire on American Citizens, National Guardsman who confiscated guns from people protecting their property and family. Video 2: Callers Sound Off on FEMA Camps for All

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Funny Stuff: Jay Leno Calls Obamacare ‘ObamaCRASH’

Jay Leno Gives Us The Latest On ObamaCRASH I Mean Obamacare. The video below is the full show from NBC that aired October 23, 2013 Tags: Jay Leno, ObamaCRASH, Obamacare, ObamaTax, Obama Failures, Obama’s Scandals, Health, The Tonight Show

November 1, 2013 Is All Hell Breaks Loose Day? DHS Has Spent $80 Million Preparing For Coming Food Riots

Dept Homeland Security Preparing For Riots On Nov 1 2013. Tags: DHS, EBT, Food Stamps, Food Riots, Big Brother