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NOT LOOKING GOOD, THE END OF AMERICA – Why Did the U.S. Build an Uncapped Illuminati Pyramid?

Why Did the U.S. Build an Uncapped Pyramid- Complete With an Eye- in the Middle of Nowhere? (PICS) Source: http://www.theweepingeagle.com “The real rulers in Washington are invisible and exercise power from behind the scenes.” –U.S. Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter   ********************  “It was not my intention to doubt that, the Doctrines of the Illuminati, and principles

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An Anti-Christ Sort Of Guy? György Schwartz aka George Soros The Man Behind the Mess

An Anti-Christ Sort Of Guy? György Schwartz aka George Soros The Man Behind the Mess. Anyone following the Ukrainian crisis in the reality-warping media comes away with this impression: The Ukrainian people, desperate for Western-style democracy, rose up and rebelled against their authoritarian president. Russia then invaded the Crimea in order to keep Ukraine under

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Shall We Play A No Win Game? US-Russia Standoff Over Ukraine May Trigger Nuclear Attack Or War

Shall We Play A Game? “War Games” Movie Quote About Nuclear War: A Strange Game. The Only Winning Move Is Not To Play. The largest nuclear deterrent of Russia is a fully automated system that guarantees a nuclear attack response, even in case of total destruction of lines of command and communication of key people

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Alarming Video Shows That The Sandy Hook Victims Were Never Born

Alarming Video Shows That The Sandy Hook Victims Were Never Born Tags: False Flag, Sandy Hook, Fake Event, Gun Grab, Disarm America, Globalists, NWO

Dr. Dave Janda: Obamacare is a NWO Bomb Designed To Destroy US #WakeUpAmerica

Dr. Dave Janda joins us to WAKE UP THE MASSES about Obamacare which Dave says is, “a New World Order BOMB designed to destroy our healthcare system.’ Dave Janda is an orthopedic surgeon and the host of ‘Operation Freedom’ which you can catch on his website www.DaveJanda.com Dave says, “I’ve read Obamacare several times, and

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Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) Leak Confirms the Worst – One World Order Takeover Is Here

Video 1 Below: Alex Jones welcomes Infowars Nightly News reporters Lee Ann McAdoo and David Knight to discuss the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) documents leaked by Wikileaks which will affect a range of issues, including internet freedom, medicine, patents and civil liberties. Video 2 Below: How Come Obama Is Not Telling Americans About The Secretive

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NWO Police State: Police Brutality A Common Occurrence Across America

Violent and disproportionate attacks on American citizens by police forces across the United States have become a daily occurrence, the details of which are delivered via computer or cell phone to millions from police cruiser “dashcams,” closed-circuit television (CCTV) and civilian video cameras. The sometimes unprovoked attacks are now so prolific that several websites have

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Sheriff Richard Mack, Pastor Chuck Baldwin and Joel Skousen: Alarming Interviews From Obama Deception 2

Sheriff Richard Mack, Joel Skousen and Pastor Chuck Baldwin: Alarming Interviews From Obama Deception 2. An exclusive preview of interviews from the upcoming Obama Deception 2 Film. Interviews include Sheriff Richard Mack,Joel Skousen, and Pastor Chuck Baldwin. Tags: Joel Skousen, Pastor Chuck Baldwin, Sheriff Richard Mack, Obama Deception 2, Globalists, Big Brother, NWO, New World

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Establishment Tries To Derail Ron Paul’s Campaign? – NWO Is Real But Can’t Talk About It?

Alex Jones delves into the Iowa caucus and the attempt by the establishment to derail Ron Paul’s campaign and the prospect of chicanery and dirty tricks during the event tomorrow. He also takes a look at Ron Paul’s “Closing Argument”

Cosmic Vampires: Perverse Masonic Initiations of The New World Order With David Icke

On this Friday, November 11 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex talks with English writer, public speaker and former BBC television sports presenter and spokesman for the Green Party, David Icke. He is the author of numerous books, including Human Race Get Off Your Knees, The Biggest Secret: The Book That Will Change the

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