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Did The House Stenographer’s Rant About Freemasons Indicate That She Was A Victim Of Mind Control?

Does bizarre footage from the moments preceding her ‘Freemason’ rant on the House floor suggest Dianne Reidy was a victim of mind control? A man with white hair appears to give Reidy a nod, causing her demeanor to immediately shift as she enters a trance-like state before walking towards the podium to deliver her rant.

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Bankster Money Grab? Chase Bank And Other Banks Think Your Money Is Their Money?

Source: SOMICOM – Why is Chase Bank banning wire transfers and limiting cash withdrawals for business customers? Is the bank preparing for some kind of financial crisis or Cyprus-style account gouging? (Select HD and full screen to read letters). FULL STORY: http://www.infowars.com/chase-bank-li… Chase Bank confirmed to Infowars that all business account holders were being subjected to

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Economic Collapse Test – EBT Card Glitch Incites Ransacking at Wal-Mart

Story Source: Somicom – When the federal EBT food stamp system suffered a critical failure on Saturday, local retailers were disconnected from the federal food stamp database that keeps track of how much credit is left on each individual EBT card. Seizing the opportunity provided by the glitch, EBT card holders in Louisiana ransacked their

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Spot On! Dr. Ben Carson: Obamacare Worst Thing That Has Happened In This Nation Since Slavery

Dr. Ben Carson slammed Obama’s Socialist health care takeover scheme during his speech at the Value Voter’s Summit Friday. Obamacare is really, I think, the worst thing that has happened in this nation since slavery It is slavery in a way because it is making all of us subservient to the government Tags: Dr Ben

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The Police States Of America – Obamacare Is A Trojan Horse

We have already established that Healthcare.gov is not a functioning database application that allows people to shop for competing health plans. It is actually a government-run Trojan Horse that suckers people into creating accounts where they hand over: Name and address Email address and password Social security number Private bank account details Employer details and

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Passionate Ride For The Constitution Truckers Shutdown DC Highways & Demand That Obama Leaves Office

The government shutdown the World War II memorial, now truckers are shutting down America. On October 1, the Obama administration closed the WWII memorial in DC, which was paid for with private funds to honor the country’s most beloved veterans. One week later, the Administration allowed for an immigration reform rally to take place on

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Big Brother – No Healthcare, Just An Evil Tax – The Truth About Obamacare Will Shock You

David Knight talks about the issues raging issues behind ObamaTax alias Obamacare, the sharing of personal information during the process and the security issues inherent with online registry. Tags: ObamaTax, Obamacare, Credit Rating, Socialist Healthcare, news

This #Parody Viral Video Slams The Epic Stupidity Of The ObamaCare Tax Scam

With Obamacare You Are Covered By Mandates & Taxes Not HealthCare – More Than a Glitch & Epic Disgrace. Taxpayer-funded commercials paint a rosy picture of the Affordable Care Act. But let’s face it, Obamacare is unworkable. Enjoy our parody. | http://heritage.org/obamacare Tags: Obamacare, ObamaTax, Obama’s Scandals, Takeover Of America, Socialist Healthcare, news

Shock Video: Woman Thrown Into A Bench By Cop, She Needed Facial Reconstructive Surgery After Attack

SKOKIE, IL — Disturbing video evidence has been released of an incident that left a woman’s face so badly injured that she needed facial reconstructive surgery. The woman is filing an excessive force lawsuit against Skokie police after being thrown face-first into a bench inside a jail cell, followed by alleged false statements to justify

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The Trucker Shutdown Of Washington DC Is Now Unstoppable – Americans Reaching The Tipping Point

Join us for the Ride For The Constitution Radio Show at 6pm PST / 9pm EST Daily Also tune in to The Pete Santilli Show all week for updates and extensive coverage of the event. PressRelease_Let It Begin in Gilberton_100613 Short Link To This Story: http://maxonemedia.com/media/?p=6939

Heavily Armed D.C. Police Kill A Very Confused Mother In Front Of Her Child

D.C. Homeland paramilitary forces killed a dental hygienist in front of her small child because the woman drove past a new checkpoint. They chanced her down and killed her. D.C. Is a very dangerous place to visit and Infowars is issuing a travel alert. Infowars has never been to a city even in 3rd world

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#MakeDCListen – Taxpayer Trying To Get A Hold Of John McCain About Defunding Obamacare!!!!

Video: Trying To Get A Hold Of John McCain About Defunding Obamacare. Recorded September 27, 2013 Tags: Sen. John McCain, Sen. Ted Cruz, Obamacare, Defund Obamacare, news, Health

#MakeDCListen – Marx Had Communist Manifesto, Hitler Had Mein Kampf Now Obama Has Obamacare

Marx Had Communist Manifesto, Hitler Had Mein Kampf Now Obama Has Obamacare – The Shocking Truth About Obamacare Will Enrage You The Shocking Truth About Obamacare Will Enrage You. Like the TSA, a new wave of bureaucrats will abuse their power — this time by stealing your identities. Tags: Obamacare, Sen. Ted Cruz, Defund Obamacare,

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Dream Team On Senate Floor: Sen. Paul Joins Sen. Cruz On Defunding Job Killing Obamacare

Dynamic Duo On Senate Floor: Sen. Paul Joins Sen. Cruz On Defunding Job Killing Obamacare. Dynamic Duo On Senate Floor: Sen Paul Joins Sen Cruz On Defunding Job Killing #Obamacare #MakeDCListen #StandWithCruz http://t.co/TiuTkcGZea — Source One (@SourceOneNews) September 24, 2013 Tags: Obamacare, Sen. Ted Cruz, Defund Obamacare, news, Obamacare, Rand Paul

Obama’s Crazy WW3 – The Obama Supported Rebels Say They’ll Attack The US – Why Is Syria The Last War?

Rebels say they’ll attack the US, Israel expands into Syria and the World War III Project. Seek truth from facts with Syria expert Sharmine Nawarni, Pepe Escobar of the Asia Times, Member of European Parliament Nick Griffin, Storyleak editor Anthony Gucciardi, Questioning the War on Terror author Dr. Kevin Barrett, and former NSA intelligence officer

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Defund Obamacare Before It Destroys More Lives – Sen. Ted Cruz w/ Neil Cavuto On Defunding Obamacare

Sen. Ted Cruz with Neil Cavuto On Defunding Obamacare. Tags: Obamacare, Sen. Ted Cruz, Neil Cavuto, Defunding, news, Obama’s Scandals

Louie Gohmert Rails Against Muslim Brotherhood Influence On Obama And His Administration

Louie Gohmert Rails Against Muslim Brotherhood Influence On Obama And His Administration. Tags: Obama, Muslim Brotherhood, Treason, Impeachment, Obama’s Scandals, news

Obama’s Insane Upside Down World? He Wants To Disarm Americans While He Is Arming al-Qaeda In Syria

Obama: The Second Amendment Only Applies to Al-Qaeda Kit Daniels Source: Infowars.com September 17, 2013 President Barack Obama accelerated firearm shipments to al-Qaeda on the very same day he demanded more gun control in the wake of the D.C. Navy Yard shooting. A Nation In Distress Image Credit: Aldaron via Flickr Obama waived a provision

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Actor Ed Asner Calls Out Obama for Calling Critics Racist

Alex Jones is joined via phone by screen legend Ed Asner to discuss his recent statement that those in Hollywood that don’t support Obama are labelled racist as well as his comments on the government’s stance on Syria. Tags: Actor, Ed Asner, Obama, Manufactured Racism, news, Alex Jones

Shooting at Washington DC Navy Yard Leaves Several Dead, At least 12 People Known Wounded

At least 12 people have been wounded and four killed in a shooting at the Washington Navy Shipyard. Police say that as many as three gunmen may have been involved, two of whom remain “active”. Police say that at least 3, possibly 4 people, were shot in the Navy Yard shooting http://t.co/apPgTpCwpU #NavyYardShooting — Washington

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Breaking: A Former Soldier Confessed To His Wife That Princess Diana Was Assassinated

Princess Diana ‘killed by bright light shone by SAS into car she was in’ September 15, 2013 Source: News.com.au A FORMER SAS soldier confessed to his wife that Princess Diana was assassinated and that a bright light was shone into the Paris car she was being driven in. The soldier, known only as Soldier N,

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Author Is Being Harassed & Spied Upon By The Obama Administration For Exposing Obama’s Terrorism & Islamist Ties

harassed and spied upon by the Obama administration Walid Shoebat is a Palestinian American Christian who converted from Islam. A self-proclaimed ex-terrorist, he lectures on the dangers of Islamic radicalism and is a strong supporter of the state of Israel. Wikipedia Walid Shoebat Being Spied On For Exposing Obama’s Islamist Ties – Interview w/ Jeff

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New Truth Media Under Attack For Reporting On False Flags & Exposing The Controlled Media – Drudge Slams Sen. Feinsein

Real, authentic media has affected public opinion to the extent that the military industrial complex has not been able to start yet another war — or as Zbigniew Brezezinski says, there is a ‘global political awakening’ that is constraining their wars. So the government attacks authentic media by trying to turn everyone’s fundamental right to

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Dr. Edward Group Talks About The Dangers of Radiation – Disease Is Increasing At An Alarming Rate!!

Dr. Group believes his personal mission is to help the world by teaching and promoting philosophies that produce good health, a clean environment, and positive thinking. This, he believes, can restore happiness, and love. Dr. Group considers it part of his responsibility to expose hidden truths of the medical industry, which has a tendency to

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Investigative Journalist Greg Palast: Shocking Memo Confirms – Top US Treasury Officials Secretly Conspired With Banksters

In this video Luke Rudkowski interviews investigative journalist Greg Palast about the secret memo he uncovered. The End Game memo uncovered how top US Treasury officials secretly conspired with a small cabal of banker big-shots to benefit themselves. The memo indicates high level politicians like Larry Summers, who is most likely going to be appointed

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The Obama regime’s credibility is in free fall. People are sick of the lies, the corruption, the wars, the murders being carried out

The Obama regime’s credibility is in free fall. People are sick of the lies, the corruption, the wars, the murders being carried out by the American regime. This is what the awakening looks like: Former leader of the KGB lectures the Obama regime about the rule of law to restrain them from escalating war Former

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The Anti-War So-Called Celebrities Are Certainly Silent On Obama’s Drone Killings & Syria War Lust

The Anti-War So-Called Celebrities Are Certainly Silent On Obama’s Drone Killings & Syria War Lust Avoiding The Issue! – Hollywood Staying Away From Syria – America Live Tags: Celebrities, Hollywood, Drone Man Obama, Syria, News