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Remember When You Voted To Allow Big Gov To Spy On You? We Never Said Yes To An Evil Spy Grid

Exclusive documents obtained by Infowars from an insider government source have revealed the true origin and nature of the highly secretive ‘mesh network’ spy grid that has garnered massive media attention due to the fact that the network’s strange downtown Seattle spy boxes can track the last 1,000 GPS locations of cellphone users. But as

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Weird News: You Can’t Make This Stuff Up, Pop Tart Selena Gomez Thinks TSA Groping Is Sexy

Mainstream pop princess Selena Gomez loves TSA groping, attempts to make TSA molestation sound sexy and trendy. Tags: Celebrity Blotter, Selena Gomez, TSA, Molestation, Groping, Bad Music, Music, Big Brother

Does AT&T Now Stand For Americans Tap & Track? CIA Is Said to Pay AT&T for Call Data

CIA Is Said to Pay AT&T for Call Data November 7, 2013 Source: NY Times The C.I.A. is paying AT&T more than $10 million a year to assist with overseas counterterrorism investigations by exploiting the company’s vast database of phone records, which includes Americans’ international calls, according to government officials. The cooperation is conducted under a voluntary contract, not under

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Failing To Yield To A Stop Sign Leads To Forceful Anal Probe By Cops, Victim Sues

In January, New Mexico police pulled David Eckert over and asked him to get out of his car for a routine traffic stop after he failed to yield to a stop sign. But what happened next was anything but routine. Police decided Eckert was standing in a suspicious manner – namely “clinching his buttocks” and

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ABC 7 WJLA is reporting that Adam Kokesh had pleaded guilty to carrying a shotgun, possession of an unregistered firearm, unlawful possession of ammunition, and marijuana possession at an unscheduled hearing this morning. He was arrested at his home on July 9th, during an evening SWAT raid after posting a video online of himself loading

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Walmart Security Goes Big Brother On Customer Says He Has Power To Block Him From Jobs & Buying

Walmart Goes Big Brother, Threatens To Put Man In No Buying Or Selling Database. Short Link To This Story: http://maxonemedia.com/media/?p=7087 Tags: Walmart, Big Brother, The grid

Caught On Video: Texas Police Assault, Harass & Arrest Legal Gun Owners At A Rally

Black powder carriers were arrested at the Texas capitol as tourist looked on. Open Carry Texas president CJ Grisham and others, including an Infowars reporter were manhandled by DPS. Call Texas DPS (512) 424-2000 Tags: Police State, Texas, Open Carry Texas, news, Big Brother

Hollywood Conditioning Youth To Produce A Satanic Zombie Sub-Class – #MentallyEnslaved #HollywoodCult

Alex Jones is joined via Skype by Activist and video satirist Mark Dice to discuss the mind-blowing videos he produces having people sign petitions to strengthen the Authoritarian police state…”For Obama”. The slow and steady process of the Government degrading the moral fabric of the youth in America through the use of media and technology.

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November 1, 2013 Is All Hell Breaks Loose Day? DHS Has Spent $80 Million Preparing For Coming Food Riots

Dept Homeland Security Preparing For Riots On Nov 1 2013. Tags: DHS, EBT, Food Stamps, Food Riots, Big Brother

Reclaim America: Alex Jones Passionate Speech – At The Alamo October 19, 2013

Reclaim America: Alex Jones Passionate Speech – At The Alamo October 19, 2013 Video: Making History: Alamo March Tags: The Alamo, October 19 2013, Alex Jones, Reclaim America, Big Brother

Coming Food Stamp Meltdown – Americans will be caught in the middle between rioters and the police state

EBT Epidemic – Americans will be caught in the middle between rioters and the police state. Tags: Food Stamps, EBT, Police State, Globalist Agenda, Big Brother

Big Brother Or Needed? MICROSOFT’s Phone Update To Block Calls And Texts While Driving

MICROSOFT’s phone update to block calls and texts while driving Anick Jesdanun Myfoxny.com Oct. 14, 2013 Microsoft is updating its Windows software for cellphones to accommodate larger devices and make it easier for motorists to reduce distractions while driving. It’s the third update to Windows Phone 8 software since the system’s release a year ago. Devices

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Spot On! Dr. Ben Carson: Obamacare Worst Thing That Has Happened In This Nation Since Slavery

Dr. Ben Carson slammed Obama’s Socialist health care takeover scheme during his speech at the Value Voter’s Summit Friday. Obamacare is really, I think, the worst thing that has happened in this nation since slavery It is slavery in a way because it is making all of us subservient to the government Tags: Dr Ben

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The Police States Of America – Obamacare Is A Trojan Horse

We have already established that Healthcare.gov is not a functioning database application that allows people to shop for competing health plans. It is actually a government-run Trojan Horse that suckers people into creating accounts where they hand over: Name and address Email address and password Social security number Private bank account details Employer details and

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The Trucker Shutdown Of Washington DC Is Now Unstoppable – Americans Reaching The Tipping Point

Join us for the Ride For The Constitution Radio Show at 6pm PST / 9pm EST Daily Also tune in to The Pete Santilli Show all week for updates and extensive coverage of the event. PressRelease_Let It Begin in Gilberton_100613 Short Link To This Story: http://maxonemedia.com/media/?p=6939

#ObamaGate – Obama Wants Americans To Feel Pain, Even Kicks Grandpa & Grandma Out Of Their Home

The government shutdown is being felt close to home for some locals. They say they’re being forced out of private homes on Lake Mead because they sit on federal land. Joyce Spencer is 77-years-old and her husband Ralph is 80. They’ve been spending most of their time in the family ice cream store since going

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Government Shutdown Does Not Slow Down The Anti-Freedom Police State & NSA Spying

From NSA Spying and VIPR Sweeps to Domestic Drones: A Round-Up of the Police State Programs NOT Affected by a Government Shutdown October 2, 2013 – Source: John W. Whitehead Like clockwork, we’ve ticked back to the annual government shutdown scare that invariably dominates news headlines and sends stocks seesawing for a few scant weeks until, at

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US Private Prisons Want You – Private Prisons Punish States For Not Having Enough Prisoners

US Private Prisons Want You – Private Prisons Punish States for not Having Enough Prisoners Private Prisons Punish States for not Having Enough Prisoners September 23, 2013 – Source: All Gov. Several states, including Arizona, California, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Virginia, are paying private prison companies for housing prisoners who don’t exist, according to a new

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Voices In Your Head? Government Mind Control Technologies – Satellite Harassment

Alex Jones welcomes to the Infowars studio Dr. John Hall, anesthesiologist and author of “Satellite Terrorism” to discuss the facts of the possibilities of Government mind control and Satellite harassment. http://www.satweapons.com/ Tags: Mind Control, Technologies, Satellite Harassment, Dr. John Hall, Big Brother

Disturbing Dash Cam Video: Viewer Advisory – Police Run Over, Kill Man For Seatbelt Violation

Police Run Over, Kill Man For Seatbelt Violation Officers had to pick up the police car by hand in order to retrieve the body Kit Daniels Infowars.com September 19, 2013 A disturbing dash cam video released yesterday shows a Florida police officer running over a suspect who was wanted for not wearing a seat belt.

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Globalist Nut Sen. Dianne Feinstein Only Wants You To Get Your News Propaganda From State Controlled Media?

New-media pioneer Matt Drudge called Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., a “fascist” after she suggested only “real reporters” deserved protection under a new media-shield law. “Comments from Sen. Feinstein yesterday on who’s a reporter were disgusting,” Drudge tweeted, adding that a “17-year old ‘blogger’ is as important as Wolf Blitzer.” http://www.infowars.com/matt-drudge-e… Tags: Matt Drudge, Somicom Multimedia,

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More People Don’t Trust The Government, Concerned Americans Are Even Rethinking 9/11

Ben Swann Reality Check takes a look at claims by Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth about why they say the official story on the collapse of Building 7 is not only untrue, it is not possible. Also, a new poll shows that more and more Americans are now rethinking the official story. http://benswann.com/ Tags:

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More People Now Know That The Mainstream Media Is Controlled And They Are Now Standing Up To Evil Government

Alex Jones welcomes the founder and host of Freedomain Radio, Stefan Molyneux, to discuss the global awakening to tyranny rapidly taking place in large thanks to independent and alternative media sources. http://www.freedomainradio.com/ Tags: Globalist, Controlled Media, Alex Jones, Freedomain Radio, Stefan Molyneux, independent and alternative media, Big Brother

Professor of International Law: Impeach Obama Now Before He Starts A Nuclear War – Global War

Alex Jones is joined by Professor of International Law Francis Boyle to discuss the continuous news coming out on Syria, the use of chemical weapons and the frightening possibility of Global War. Tags: Global War, Obama’s Scandals, Big Brother, Syria, Professor of International Law, Francis Boyle, chemical weapons, WW3, World War 3

Crimes Against Humanity – Impeach Obama Before It Is Too Late

The Nobel Peace Prize Is A Joke & A Fraud – Impeach Obama Before It’s Too Late You’ve seen them all over the country. Overpasses full of signs and people calling for the Impeachment of President Obama. Some have even got arrested for expressing this action against America’s Commander-in-Chief. Like presidents before him Obama is

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Anti-Syria War Protester & War Veteran Emily Yates Was Violently Arrested For Playing Banjo In The Wrong Place In Philly

Iraq war veteran Emily Yates was arrested on Friday after a dispute with police about where she could stand while playing her banjo during a protest against U.S. military action in Syria. Video uploaded to Live Leak shows Yates asking Federal Parks Police why she could not stand in a shaded area of Independence Mall

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Vladamir Putin, Ron Paul and Pat Buchanan Say Syria Chemical Attack Looks Like A False Flag

Opinion By Mark Dice: Both Ron Paul and Pat Buchanan have said the chemical weapon attack in Syria looks like a false flag event designed as a pretext for America to attack. Russia president Vladamir Putin also said the chemical attack looks like the rebels carried it out themselves to use as a justification for

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