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Think Like You Are Told To Think, America Is Becoming More Like Nazi Germany With Each Passing Day

If You Do Not Conform, The Thought Nazis WILL Get You Michael Snyder The American Dream April 4, 2014 If you do not conform to the new politically correct moral code in America, you cannot be a CEO of a major corporation.  If you think that I am joking, just read on.  I am actually

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#Prophecy – Fingerprint Registry Just To Buy Groceries, What to Do Before Rationing Starts in America

Venezuela Enforces Fingerprint Registry to Buy Groceries What to Do Before Rationing Starts in America Daisy Luther  The Organic Prepper April 3, 2014 What if you were forced to “register” in order to buy groceries? And what if, through that registration, the food you bought could be tracked and quantities could be limited? Image: Venezuela

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Snoopy Drone, Looks For Mobile Devices With Wi-Fi Settings Turned On To Steal Your Data

THIS DRONE CAN STEAL WHAT’S ON YOUR PHONE SOURCE: CNN THE NEXT THREAT TO YOUR PRIVACY COULD BE HOVERING OVER HEAD WHILE YOU WALK DOWN THE STREET. Hackers have developed a drone that can steal the contents of your smartphone — from your location data to your Amazon  password — and they’ve been testing it out in the

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Dystopian Nightmares Coming True – Who Is Truly In Charge Of US Government Now?

Rand Paul “concerned about who is truly in charge of our government” Update: Paul’s full speech can be viewed below. Warns of “dystopian nightmares” coming true  Steve Watson Infowars.com March 19, 2014 Libertarian Kentucky Senator Rand Paul warns in a speech today that he believes US spooks and shadow government agencies are ” drunk with

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Mystery Of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 – Cyber Hijacking: How To Steal An Airplane – #911

Now that the MSM is flirting with the idea of “cyber hijacking” in the increasingly desperate search for MH370, many are left wondering how long the possibility of a remote control hijack has been possible and why the public hasn’t been warned of this threat. Join us for this week’s BoilingFrogsPost.com Eyeopener report as we

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Control Grid: The NSA’s MYSTIC program has been recording 100% of a countries phone calls

The NSA’s MYSTIC program has been recording 100% of a countries phone calls, with a tool that allows for retrieval of up to 30 days worth of entire phone conversations nationwide. This gives the NSA instant history of a subject’s movements, associates and plans. http://www.washingtonpost.com/world/n… Tags: Spy-Gate, NSA, NSA’s MYSTIC program, Big Brother, MYSTIC program,

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Shocking Expose: NSA Aiming To Infect ‘Millions’ Of Computers Worldwide With Its Malware

NSA Aiming To Infect ‘Millions’ Of Computers Worldwide With Its Malware; Targets Telco/ISP Systems Administrators (via Techdirt) The NSA is still working hard to make the world’s computer usage less safe. The latest leak published by The Intercept shows the agency plans to infect “millions” of computers worldwide with malware, making it easier for the

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DHS Intercepts Emails, Probes Woman About Her Sex Life

Two people were detained by DHS officers and bombarded with questions about their private lives, including whether they had shared sexual relations, with feds alleging that the two secretly conspired so that Papatheodoropoulos could stay in the country illegally. Tags: Big Brother, DHS, Spy-Gate

The Soros Coup D’état: Open Society Foundations And Worldwide Fake Revolutions?

Opinion: Alex Jones expounds on the developments in Ukraine in the aftermath of a revolution, more similar to a coup d’état, that will replace one dictator with a more western-compliant dictator. Alex Jones also gives key insight on the dying gasps of the mainstream dinosaur media, the Obama, an Arizona bill granting businesses the freedom

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Army Builds Fake City In Virginia To Practice Taking On U.S. Citizens

Alex Jones talks about the ‘fake cities’ recently built in Virginia. Said to have been built for military training, the fake city only has one mosque in an otherwise very western looking landscape. Is this city truly built for overseas battle or is this evidence that a large-scale domestic military operation is eminent. Video 2:

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DEPT OF JUSTICE OFFICIAL ADMITS NSA ‘PROBABLY’ SPYING ON MEMBERS OF CONGRESS SOURCE: RT The Justice Department building is seen in Washington (Reuters / Gary Cameron) The US National Security Agency likely collects intelligence on congressional lawmakers and members of their staff, a Justice Department official admitted at a committee hearing on Tuesday. Deputy Attorney General

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Like Out Of A Charles Dickens Novel Local Courts Reviving ‘Debtors’ Prison’ For Overdue Fines & Fees

Local courts reviving ‘debtors’ prison’ for overdue fines, fees Kelley Beaucar Vlahos Fox News December 26, 2013 Before the time of bankruptcy laws and social safety nets, poor folks and ruined business owners were locked up until their debts were paid off. As if out of a Charles Dickens novel, people struggling to pay overdue

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Big Brother News: Agreeing To Terms & Conditions Leads To Your Smart TV Spying On You

Total Surveillance : Big Brother is watching you through your Smart TV SOURCE: http://www.foxnews.com Tags: Smart TV, Total Surveillance, Big Brother, LG

Lew Rockwell: The Dirty Truth About Obamacare

Alex Jones and Lew Rockwell cover the waterfront of Economic issues facing our country including Obamacare, Cloward and Pivon strategies as well as the lack of personal economic responsibility in the lives of individuals and the expectation of the Government to take care of us. http://www.lewrockwell.com/ Tags: Alex Jones, Lew Rockwell, Obamacare, Big Gov, Big Brother

Big Brother News: Sing Along With The NSA Is Coming To Town Song

If people in this video won’t allow the Santa spy squad to surveil their daily activities, why are we letting the NSA do it? Tags: NSA, Big Brother, Christmas, Santa  

How To Find Out If A Big Brother Gov Agency Is Spying On Your Phone

In this video Alex Heid, information security consultant shows you how to see what government agency is spying on your cell phones unique ip address. NSA ‘tracks mobile phone locations worldwide’ (via AFP) The National Security Agency is collecting billions of records on the location of mobile phones around the world, The Washington Post reported,

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Released 911 Sandy Hook Call Recordings Causing Even More Questions About the Official Story

SOURCE: LEE ROGERS, BLACKLISTED NEWS Approximately a year ago we were informed of a so-called mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Connecticut where several children and teachers were shot dead.  Allegedly the shooting was carried out solely by a deranged young man by the name of Adam Lanza.  It was said that he first shot

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#BigBrother Watch: Don’t Let Them Tell You That Chemtrails Are Not Real

“While the entire community of academia still pretends not to know about the ongoing reality of global geoengineering,” comments Dane Wigington at Geoengineering Watch, “the simple fact that they are now discussing geoengineering in the latest IPCC report indicates that the veil is beginning to lift.”http://www.globalresearch.ca/solar-ra… Tags: Chemtrails, geoengineering, Big Brother, news

Real Life Clockwork Orange: Daughter of Stanley Kubrick Speaks Out About The Police State

Vivian Kubrick, daughter of the iconic filmmaker and director Stanley Kubrick, talks to Alex Jones about the nature of power and the human awakening that is taking place as a vibrant form of resistance against the takeover. A film director in her own right, Vivian explains why her father was decades ahead of his time

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Stalker In A Box, Is The Xbox Kinect Listening In On Your Private Skype Calls? #BigBrother #PoliceState

Users of the new Xbox One are complaining that Kinect is monitoring their Skype conversations for swearing and then punishing them with account bans. Microsoft has admitted it is punishing gamers for bad language but denied that it is snooping on private Skype chats. Tags: Big Brother, news, Sci-Tech, Xbox Kinect, Skype, Microsoft

Thank You Edward Snowden Buses Cruise Washington, DC In The Face Of Big Brother

While Edward Snowden continues to be viewed as a traitor by Washington, a poster campaign on the city’s bus routes is putting across a very different message. The scheme, launched by a free speech advocacy group, calls on the public to take a stand against America’s notorious surveillance operations – and thanks the former CIA

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Without Honor: Dallas, Tx Sheriff’s Deputies Acted Like 3rd World Thugs During A Peaceful JFK 50th Event

Dallas Co., Texas sheriff’s deputies, under federal control during special events, violently charged a peaceful crowd who were waiting to be let into the Dealey Plaza when it was promised to be open to the public at 2:30pm on Nov. 22, the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination. When the attack began, the official ceremony

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Alarming Video Of Police In Dallas Brutally Attacking Peaceful JFK Freedom Of Speech Protesters

Despite peaceful demonstration, Dallas Sheriff Officers directed by federal DHS agents brutally assaulted peaceful protesters at the JFK memorial today. Anthony Gucciardi captured the midst and aftermath. More coming of the initial assault. Video 2: Cops start a fight at JFK 50th memorial Tags: Police State, Big Brother, JFK Protesters, JFK Assassination, JFK, Dallas

Big Brother News: Is Your So Called Smart TV Spying On You?

So-called “smart TVs” have hit the marketplace, essentially turning TVs into computers that let watchers search for videos, install applications or interact with ads. But that connectivity may be a two-way street, as manufacturer LG investigates claims that its line of smart TVs is collecting data on its customers. According to an LG corporate video,

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Scary Stealth Black Helicopters Flying Over Phoenix Has Residents Alarmed – #UrbanWarfare In Your Town?

Don’t Mind Those Stealth Black Helicopters Flying Over You City, Phoenix Residents Alarmed By Claimed Exercises Nothing to see here?… DoD training for urban operations?   Phoenix Residents Freak Out Over DoD Military Exercises Adan Salazar Infowars.com November 20, 2013 The Department of Defense has been conducting training exercises in several cities in Arizona in

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Dad Gets Arrested For Trying to Pick Kids Up From School By A Bad Cop Because Kids Belong To The Collective?

Dad Gets Arrested For Trying to Pick Kids Up From School By A Bad Cop Because Kids Belong To The Collective? Tags: Police State, Big Brother,

Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) Leak Confirms the Worst – One World Order Takeover Is Here

Video 1 Below: Alex Jones welcomes Infowars Nightly News reporters Lee Ann McAdoo and David Knight to discuss the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) documents leaked by Wikileaks which will affect a range of issues, including internet freedom, medicine, patents and civil liberties. Video 2 Below: How Come Obama Is Not Telling Americans About The Secretive

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