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Video: Westfield Stratford City, the biggest urban shopping center in Europe, has opened

Westfield Stratford City, the biggest urban shopping centre in Europe, has opened in a once deprived part of east London, acting as the gateway to the site of the 2012 London Olympics. Duration: 02:01

Video: Megan Fox: Show Me the Mommy!

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New Yorkers go to polls to replace disgraced Anthony Weiner

REUTERS Reuters US Online Report Top News Sep 13, 2011 10:03 EDT NEW YORK (Reuters) – A steady flow of New Yorkers voted early on Tuesday to replace disgraced Congressman Anthony Weiner in a seat held since the 1920s by Democrats but with the Republican candidate leading in the polls. A strong turnout in the

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Obama faces skepticism from swing voters: poll

Obama faces skepticism from swing voters: poll REUTERS Reuters US Online Report Politics News Sep 13, 2011 08:03 EDT WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Barack Obama faces deep skepticism from swing voters who see the Republican party as more in tune with their concerns about government spending, according to a poll released on Tuesday. These undecided

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Analysis: Michele Bachmann comes back to life in Republican debate

Steve Holland Reuters US Online Report Top News Sep 13, 2011 07:35 EDT WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Michele Bachmann won a new lease on life for her fizzling presidential campaign by aggressively targeting Republican front-runner Rick Perry and raising doubts about his conservative credentials. But whether Bachmann can save a campaign that is clearly on the

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Video: Browse Movies Upload Create Account Sign In Kabul under attack: Embassy Green zone pounded by rockets

There’s chaos in the streets of Kabul, where police say insurgents are carrying out coordinated attacks against government buildings. Rockets have been fired at the the U.S. embassy in the Afghan capital, and other reports say the NATO coalition headquarters are also under attack. Gunmen are reportedly firing from concealed positions throughout the city.

Raw Video: 7 Killed, 162 Injured in Bus Crash

At least seven people were killed in a rush-hour crash involving two passenger trains and a bus whose driver drove around barriers in an attempt to beat them across the tracks, Argentine authorities said. At least 162 people were injured. (Sept. 13)

Video: Fall Top TV Show Premieres

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Video: Lawyer: Iran Sets Bail for Hikers at $500k Each

A defense attorney says Iran has set bail of $500,000 each for two American men arrested more than two years ago and convicted on spy-related charges.

Woman bites elderly man in “vampire” attack

Woman bites elderly man in “vampire” attack Robert Green Reuters US Online Report Oddly Enough Sep 12, 2011 11:46 EDT ST. PETERSBURG, Florida (Reuters) – A Florida woman who allegedly claimed to be a vampire has been charged with battery after violently biting a man in a wheelchair on his face and arms, police said

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Video: Inside Charlie Sheen’s Roast

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Video: Olivia Munn’s Sexy Bikini Shoot

Video: Olivia Munn’s Sexy Bikini Shoot Loading from LongTail.tv… Olivia Munn’s Sexy Bikini Shoot Published via LongTail.tv

Video Channel: Extreme Sports

Are you an Extreme Athlete? Check out the abundance of daredevil videos featuring some of the best professionals in the sport. Or, follow along and sharpen your own tricks Loading from LongTail.tv…        

Video: Rick Perry tries to defend his record requiring the vaccination of schoolgirls

Attacked from all sides, Texas Gov. Rick Perry tries to defend his record requiring the vaccination of schoolgirls against a cancer-causing sexually transmitted virus during Monday night’s GOP debate in Tampa, Florida.

Video: Russia targets beer in fight against alcoholism

With a stroke of the presidential pen, beer was recently reclassified as an alcoholic drink in Russia, no longer a foodstuff, and its sales are to be restricted to cut alcohol abuse.Duration: 02:00.

Video: Mitt Romney Says Rick Perry Is a Poker Player Dealt 4 Aces

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney is likening Texas Gov. Rick Perry and his job creation record to a lucky poker player who is dealt four aces. He says Texas has advantages other states lack, such as oil and a GOP legislature. (Sept. 12)

Video: Mitt Romney, Rick Perry Trade Jabs on Social Security

Under attack from rival Mitt Romney, Texas Gov. Rick Perry softened his rhetoric if not his position on Social Security in a debate Monday night, declining to repeat earlier statements questioning the program’s constitutionality. (Sept. 12)

Video: Phoenix slammed by dust storm on September 11, 2011

Photographer Mike Olbinski documents a major dust storm (also known as a “haboob”) in downtown Phoenix, Arizona on September 11, 2011. Holding firm in position until the massive cloud has completely passed him by, his unique vantage point allows the viewer to virtually experience the full-effect of being completely over-taken by the wall of dust

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Candidates Rick Perry, Mitt Romney differ in tone on Fed, Bernanke

REUTERS Reuters US Online Report Domestic News Sep 12, 2011 21:57 EDT WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Texas Governor Rick Perry, the lead Republican presidential candidate, on Monday tempered earlier comments about Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, but held firm in his opposition to more monetary stimulus from the central bank. Read whole story below…

Michele Bachmann attacks Rick Perry’s decision to mandate HPV vaccine

Michele Bachmann is attacking Rick Perry’s decision to require that sixth-grade girls receive a vaccination to prevent the human papillomavirus

Raw Video: Gadhafi Son Thought to Be in Niger

Although the location of former Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi remains a mystery, his 37-year old son, Al-Saadi, is believed to be part of a convoy that reached the city of Niamey in neighboring Niger on Monday night. (Sept. 12)

Video Expose: 9/11 first responders getting sicker

Ken George was a 9/11 search and rescue worker whose health has been declining. George is using oxygen to assist him with his breathing and he’s not one of only a few first responders who have either died from cancer or are living with it now. These brave heroes blame the sickness on the dust

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More painkiller use linked to kidney cancer

Genevra Pittman Reuters US Online Report Health News Sep 12, 2011 17:14 EDT NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – People who regularly take painkillers such as ibuprofen and naproxen may be at higher risk of kidney cancer, according to new research. The findings suggest that the longer someone uses such drugs, called non-steroidal anti-inflammatories, or NSAIDs,

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Video: At Least 75 Kenyans Dead After Pipeline Explodes

A leaking gasoline pipeline in Kenya’s capital exploded on Monday, turning part of a shantytown into an inferno in which at least 75 people were killed and more than 100 hurt. (Sept. 12)

Iran bans half-naked men, love triangles on TV

REUTERS Reuters Life! Online Report Sep 12, 2011 16:09 EDT TEHRAN (Reuters) – Iran has banned TV programs showing half-naked men and love triangles, the semi-official Fars news agency reported on Monday, in the latest sign of a conservative crackdown on media in the Islamic state. It was not clear what prompted the ban —

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Failing erections may point to heart problems

REUTERS Reuters US Online Report Health News Sep 12, 2011 17:19 EDT NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – Impotence could be a harbinger of heart disease in some men, according to a fresh look at the medical literature that found the two often go together. But it’s not all bad news. Another study out today suggests

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Video: 9/11 Memorial Plaza in NYC Opens to Public

The plot of land known for a decade as “the pile,” “the pit” and “ground zero” opened to the public Monday for the first time since that terrible morning in 2001. (Sept. 12)