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A Guy Named Pete Santilli Harassed Alex Jones’ Offices In Austin Texas With Strange Claims

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    Caught On Video: Pete Santilli Strangely Harassed Alex Jones' Offices In Austin TexasCaught On Video: Pete Santilli Strangely Harassed Alex Jones’ Private Offices In Austin Texas.

    By Jack Allen – Pete Santilli thought that he could harass his way into the office where Alex Jones does his show. Please note that this video is from Pete Santilli and I am not sure what he is trying to gain with this obnoxious harassment. Normally you call for an appointment when going to a private office that is not open to the general public. Would you open your doors to a guy with a bullhorn, camera crew and wearing clothing that looked like he  borrowed from a small 12 year old? Not that professional and has zero journalistic integrity in a lot of people’s opinion. In this video Pete Santilli calls Alex Jones a Marshmallow Man. Does he own a mirror?  Pete should do a few thousand sit-ups before calling someone a Marshmallow Man. Some of Pete Santilli’s claims against Alex Jones make no sense and are things that Jones does talk about. I have agreed with Pete Santilli on some things in the past but this was a big turn off for me. So I happen to know who Pete Santilli is but does Alex Jones know this guy? Pete is such a small time player I would think the average person does not know him or even care what he says. So his claim to fame now is he bullhorned Alex Jone’s office during a live show with confusing messages that contradict his other claims.

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