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A Guy Named Pete Santilli Harassed Alex Jones’ Offices In Austin Texas With Strange Claims

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Caught On Video: Pete Santilli Strangely Harassed Alex Jones' Offices In Austin TexasCaught On Video: Pete Santilli Strangely Harassed Alex Jones’ Private Offices In Austin Texas.

By Jack Allen – Pete Santilli thought that he could harass his way into the office where Alex Jones does his show. Please note that this video is from Pete Santilli and I am not sure what he is trying to gain with this obnoxious harassment. Normally you call for an appointment when going to a private office that is not open to the general public. Would you open your doors to a guy with a bullhorn, camera crew and wearing clothing that looked like he  borrowed from a small 12 year old? Not that professional and has zero journalistic integrity in a lot of people’s opinion. In this video Pete Santilli calls Alex Jones a Marshmallow Man. Does he own a mirror?  Pete should do a few thousand sit-ups before calling someone a Marshmallow Man. Some of Pete Santilli’s claims against Alex Jones make no sense and are things that Jones does talk about. I have agreed with Pete Santilli on some things in the past but this was a big turn off for me. So I happen to know who Pete Santilli is but does Alex Jones know this guy? Pete is such a small time player I would think the average person does not know him or even care what he says. So his claim to fame now is he bullhorned Alex Jone’s office during a live show with confusing messages that contradict his other claims.

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Videos Below Are From The Alex Jones Show

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  • TMZ

    These hosts: Adam Kokesh, Pete Santili, Alex Jones, Jeff Rense. Michael Rivero, Jack Blood and the rest in alt media have an agenda. They support 9-11 conspiracies and dislike Israel and believe in Jewish conspiracies.
    Granted Jones is tamer on Jewish conspiracy stuff, but he is into false flags which is a misnomer and a lie. If they would learn the truth then I would trust them more. Best Guys are Steve Deace of The Steve Deace Show and Paul Preston of Agenda 21 Radio. Then Buck Sexton of The Blaze Radio and Laurie Roth of The Laurie Roth Show.

  • TMZ

    I do know Jones knows who Santili is. They know about each other as they fight for guests and have similar or the same guys on. Plus Jones followed Santili on facebook and youtube. They are fans of Coast to Coast AM and The Hagmann and Hagmann Show. For one thing Pete Santili is now on Alex Jones’ rival Jeff Rense Network as well as his own Guerrilla Media.

    Santili did a truckers strike and was part of the following rally for veterans after monuments were closed that same weekend in October. Pete got notoriety over that. Jones then tweeted Pete but was not answered. Pete then became active in the Cliven Bundy saga. Pete is friends with Cliven.

    Santili turned on Jones because they disagree on 9-11 troother conspiracy theories and Santili has his own opinions of some issues that vary from Jones. But Vinny Eastwood is a friend of Susannah Posel so he has attacked Pete on his web show. A lot of people in this alt media dislike Pete. Posel was once a friend with Pete Santili and had a nasty fall out as she left his show on the late American Freedom Radio Network.

    Another guy I just found out is Stu Webb who goes after Pete as well. If you want a guy who has taken on Alex Jones, besides Glenn Beck, try Jack Blood. He quit Genesis Communcation over a clash with Alex. I mean Pete Santili also bashes Jones of course. Jeff Rense doesn’t care.

  • TMZ

    Goofy stunt, but considering Alex Jones upstaged a libertarian group, The Liberty Restoration Project, at a rally in 2010, by going to their rally and blowing a bullhorn over them as they rallied then this is payback in a way. And considering Jones broke into a leftist troother rally in 2008 at the Democratic National Committee and took it over then saw Michelle Malkin walking by and started to assail her and yell with his bullhorn and not listening to a word she said, then this is a taste of his medicine.

  • TMZ

    Also it sounds like Pete was dressed to go to the border in Texas and decided to stop by Alex Jones’ studio. Nearly all of these Alt hosts are hypocrites, I listen to Pete and Jones and I listen to Glenn Beck sometimes. It is good to get exposed to different ideas.

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