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A Guy Named Pete Santilli Harassed Alex Jones’ Offices In Austin Texas With Strange Claims

Caught On Video: Pete Santilli Strangely Harassed Alex Jones’ Private Offices In Austin Texas. By Jack Allen – Pete Santilli thought that he could harass his way into the office where Alex Jones does his show. Please note that this video is from Pete Santilli and I am not sure what he is trying to gain

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The General Public is Mentally Ill, That’s How The Zionists Control The Goyim Cattle?

Alex Jones dives into the experiences of dealing with the facts and knowledge of this great Evil and what it does to the mind. The general public has become mentally ill to the point of no return. The Truth Tale – Music Store – Start Shopping for 20% off! Tags: Globalists, Alex Jones, NWO, Rothschild,

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