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Opinion: Obama, Better Known As Mr Liar Or Mr Serial Kill-List O-BOMB-YA Admits To Torturing “Some Folks”

By Mark Dice Obama Admits: We Torture People. A shocking revelation considering the consequences. He calls them, “Some Folks.” Tags: Crimes Against Humanity, Obama Lies, Obama’s Crimes, Obama’s Scandals, Drone Man Obama Popular Media From The Web SPY & KNOW – HIDDEN CAMERAS, SURVEILLANCE, GPS TRACKING, SELF DEFENSE – PROTECT YOURSELF AND FAMILY – SPYKNOW.COM

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Treasonous Dems & Rinos? GOP Alienates Its Base To Support Obama’s Illegal Alien Invasion

Globalist Enemy Agents Everywhere? GOP Leadership Alienates Its Base To Support Obama’s Illegal Alien Invasion EXCLUSIVE – POLLING DATA SHOWS GOP VOTERS THINK REPUBLICANS STANDING TOUGH ON IMMIGRATION MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE Some Illegal Immigrant Foster “Children” Are 22 Years Old Feds Would Exercise Draconian Emergency Powers If Ebola Hits U.S. Ignoring 80% of the people who

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Rand Paul Wants An Apology From The “PARTISAN CRANKS AND HACKS” At MSNBC

RAND PAUL SLAMS “PARTISAN CRANKS AND HACKS” AT MSNBC FOLLOWING TERSE INTERVIEW Senator: “Apologize for all the lousy lies you’ve been saying about me for four years” by STEVE WATSON Kentucky Senator Rand Paul has hit out at MSNBC, pledging not to appear on the network again until it “apologizes” for pushing “lousy lies” about

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