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Mission Accomplished: Americans Got Screwed, Millions Will Pay Billions to Avoid Obamacare

Mission Accomplished: Millions of Americans Will Pay Billions to Avoid Obamacare Murray Rothbard: “The state is a gang of thieves writ large.” Kurt Nimmo March 5, 2014 Predictably, over at AOL-Huffington Post, they are celebrating the installation of governmentcare at gunpoint. IRS: Pay your Obamacare “penalty” with your taxes or else. “The president stood

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Democrats Being Arrested All Over This Country, Acting More Like An Organized Crime Gang

Democrat politicians are falling like flies. They are being arrested all over this country. You’d almost think the Democratic Party was one big widespread organized crime enterprise. Are Democrats In A Political Party Or An Organized Crime Gang? ROOT FOR AMERICA Tags: Democrats, Organized Crime, Crime, Crime Watch Popular Media From The Web SPY &

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