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Big Pharma, Anti-Depressant To Blame? DC Navy Yard Shooting Another Tragedy Fueled by Mass Murder Suicide Pills

Navy Shooter Taking “Mass Murder Suicide Pills”? Ben Swann Infowars.com Sept. 17, 2013 The story is a long way from coming into focus. The little we do know about Monday’s tragic mass shooting at a Navy Yard in Washington, D.C. is stirring a national debate. First, here’s the back-story. It was September 16th, around 8:20

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Glenn Beck: Obama Arming al-Qaeda Is Treason – Impeachment Time For Obama, McCain & Graham

9/17/13 – For the very first time, Glenn Beck called for Barack Obama to be impeached. Why? Because Beck believes that aiding al-Qaeda affiliated rebels in Syria by targeting the government is “the height of insanity” and illegality, and anyone seriously proposing that has to go. Beck made it clear exactly who he wants gone

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Obama’s Insane Upside Down World? He Wants To Disarm Americans While He Is Arming al-Qaeda In Syria

Obama: The Second Amendment Only Applies to Al-Qaeda Kit Daniels Source: Infowars.com September 17, 2013 President Barack Obama accelerated firearm shipments to al-Qaeda on the very same day he demanded more gun control in the wake of the D.C. Navy Yard shooting. A Nation In Distress Image Credit: Aldaron via Flickr Obama waived a provision

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Alarming: DC Shooter Had A Secret Security Clearance And Was On Psychotropic Drugs

  Alex Jones breaks down the headlines involved with the DC Naval yard shooting and the fact that the shooter had been hearing voices, had secret clearance, was obsessed with first shooter video games and was on psychotropic drugs. Tags: Washington DC, Navy Yard Shooter, Navy Yard Shooting, Psychotropic Drugs, Obama’s Scandals, Gun Grabbers