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UN, Obama and Shadow Government Want Full Control Of The Internet and You?

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  • Screen shot 2013-08-19 at 12.23.41 AMRe-Post From: December 21, 2010 – Were you aware that the United Nations establishment is trying to establish mechanisms for global governance and control of the Internet? Were you aware that the Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski, an Obama appointee, is seeking to carry out Obama’s campaign promise to regulate the Internet, starting with ‘net-neutrality’ Were you aware that congress is expected to take up the matter on December 21st and that also happens to be the winter solstice? I personally believe that the Internet is in no need of supervision and control from the U.N. or Washington.

    It is an energetic, thought provoking and a broadly accessible marketplace of ideas and should not be controlled by anyone The shadows behind Obama and the UN want to take control of the Internet through FCC regulation. Yes I am talking about your freedoms on the internet. YOUR ability to contact your friends. YOUR ability to contact your relatives. YOUR ability to contact your elected representatives in government. Your ability to contact anyone. If you don’t want this intrusion of your freedoms I would suggest contacting every member of congress to voice your concerns

    Not too many people know about this; or took the matter seriously because, after all, don’t we have our 1st Amendment rights to the U. S. Constitution to protect us. I would say don’t count on it. We have people in positions of power that could care less about the constitution. The FCC is ready to add the Internet to its “portfolio” of regulated industries.

    The powers behind the Obama Administration and the UN want to take control of the Internet. People believe that the FCC is ready to steal our Internet freedom by simply declaring it has the “right” to regulate it. The internet allows the truth to come out and people no longer accept what the main stream media and the news wires propaganda because they normally put out the information that the shadows in power want us to hear. So I believe this is the real reason they want to control the Internet.

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