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Today in History, March 5th – Josef Stalin dies, John Belushi found dead, Patsy Cline killed in a plane crash

Highlights of this day in history: The Boston Massacre; Winston Churchill’s ‘Iron Curtain’ speech; The Soviet Union’s dictator Josef Stalin dies; Comedian John Belushi found dead; Country singer Patsy Cline killed in a plane crash. (March 5) Tags: Today in History, March 5th

Can you say, “President Boehner?” Sheriff Arpaio’s investigation opens can of worms in order of succession

Can you say, “President Boehner?” Don’t laugh. If Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio has his way, there will soon be an arrest made of a “person of interest” who created a fraudulent birth certificate and Selective Service card bearing the name of Barack Obama. Responding to the results of Sheriff Joe’s “Cold Case Posse” investigation that

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