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Video: “America For Sale” New World Order Sells American Sovereignty – Jerome Corsi Lays Out The Agenda

Incredible video from Nov 17, 2010. Fox News Exclusive “America For Sale” New World Order Sells American Sovereignty. Incredibly, A Fox News Hannity Guest, Jerome Corsi, exposes what’s really going on in America as well as to all sovereign nations around the globe, and how it is being bankrupted by design, including the very individuals

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Video: Today in History, February 7th

Today in History, February 7th

Video: Comedy – NewsBusted For February 7, 2012

Topics in today’s show: –NY Giants win Super Bowl –Super Bowl Sunday Food –Obama Mistakenly Claims He Created 22 Million Jobs –Susan G. Komen vs. Planned Parenthood –Painting of Obama Trampling Constitution –Groundhog Day –Israel to Strike Iran? –So. Calif. Marijuana Bust Love NewsBusted and want to receive alerts about new episodes in your email?

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Epic Video: Hang Fins! Couple Of Dolphins Surf With Boy – Saint Pete Beach, Florida

Keith Overton was recording video of his son Mitchell wake surfing behind their boat near St. Pete Beach, Florida when a couple of dolphins decided to join in on the fun. (Feb. 6)

Political Fall Out For Bronze Star LTC Lakin – Kansas Medical License Denied for Challenging Obama’s Eligibility

TOPEKA, KS (KCTV) – A Kansas board that denied a licensed doctor of osteopathic medicine a license was primarily concerned about the man’s political views. The Kansas State Board of Healing Arts is a 15-member panel appointed by the governor and decides the fate of doctors in Kansas. Terrence Lee Lakin rose to the ranks

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