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Video: A Skeleton Dressed As Santa Nailed To A Cross Angers Residents

A controversial holiday display outside the courthouse in Leesburg has angered some residents there. It is a skeleton dressed as Santa and nailed to a cross.

Planet Found Called Kepler-22b, Orbiting Habitable Zone Of Sun-like Star

Planet found orbiting habitable zone of sun-like star Irene Klotz Reuters US Online Report Science News Dec 06, 2011 06:31 EST MOFFET FIELD, California (Reuters) – The most Earth-like planet ever discovered is circling a star 600 light years away, a key finding in an ongoing quest to learn if life exists beyond Earth, scientists

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Video: Today in History for December 6th

Jefferson Davis dies in New Orleans; Four people die at a free Rolling Stones concert at the Altamont Speedway in Livermore, California; America’s first attempt to put a satellite into orbit fails; Jazz pianist Dave Brubeck is born. (Dec. 6)

Video: They don’t call them “king snakes” for nothing but the four-foot-long killer is about to meet its match

They don’t call them “king snakes” for nothing — this serpent rules the roost out in the deserts near Baja California. But a four-foot-long killer is about to meet its match… a tiny curve-billed thrasher.

Alarming Video: Report Says Feds Laundered $30 Billion For Drug Cartels